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l develop game-like solutions through our software on a mission to transform education. With over 12 years of experience in gamification, more than 25 years in web and UX design/development, international speaking and consulting, I have created a platform that makes learning engaging and exciting for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Work Experience

2022 - Present

CTO and Founder - TABI

TABI - It's the journey


2016 - Present



I built BLUERABBIT based on the awful experience I had as a student. Every person in the world deserves a better learning system. BLUERABBIT ‘s mission is to transform education. It’s been long enough for it to evolve and become something so engaging and exciting that people want to keep doing it.


2008 - 2016

IT teacher

The American School Foundation, A.C.

Information technology teacher where I taught the courses on Web Design, Multimedia Design, Video edition, Introduction to computer applications and Yearbook design.


Adobe Certified Instructor


Adobe certified instructor in Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. Worked full time at Edumac where I helped certify the school as an Adobe Certified Training Center.



B.A. Marketing

Universidad del Valle de México A.C.

Studied marketing to help me understand the markets and add more skills to myself. Never intended to work specifically in Marketing but I use the skills to design and develop my software and brands.


Technical Analyst Programmer

Centro de Computación Profesional de México

My most proud academic achievement. Graduated with honors from a technical career at the age of 14. I have been using the skills I learned ever since which has granted a massive 27 years of experience in web design and development.

Skills & Expertise

Web Design & Development

Over  21 years of experience.

Build and deployed over 200 websites including animations, interactions and countless effects.

Expert in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Expert wordpress developer.

Excellent use of the CodeIgniter 3 and 4 Frameworks

International Gamification Expert

Created over 13,000 gamified experiences worldwide.

Designed three gamification frameworks for designing systems.

Consulted with over 40 companies worldwide

Trained over 400 professionals in the subject.

Helped design gamification programs that affected thousands of users

Spoken at more than 25 forums of education introducing countless teachers and schools into the concept

Adobe Suite

Formerly an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor.

Master level in Photoshop

Master level in Illustrator

Master level in Dreamweaver

Expert level in AdobeXD

Expert level in Premier

Hold my ground in After Effects

App Development

Aliquet velit sit amet sem interdum faucibus. In feugiat aliquet mollis etiam tincidunt ligula.

Designer of two web apps built for gamification

CMS & WordPress

WordPress theme design expert.

Over 16 years of experience developing and designing websites and software with WordPress.

BLUERABBIT is currently developed as a WordPress Theme

Work in progress

Full Stack Developer online course

Book: Cool Monsters, Friends and Punches – How to build engaging journeys



The last app you will need to drive engagement to your learning audience


Create engaging player journeys that drive loyalty

Intrinsic Engagement and XP Design

A workshop on how to create deep engagement and keep the players

How to create engaging adventures

A workshop on learning the skills to make your adventures rock!

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+1 (786) 630 3489

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